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We are IN3K8 Media!

IN3K8 Media is a growing digital advertising agency and media concepts consultancy focused on creating awareness around new and existing brands via our digital advertising platform and our new media thinking. We are built from the ground up to serve the needs of the SME market and strive to provide innovative pricing and effective media coverage for businesses in this income bracket.

Are you ready to #BeSeen across Lagos?

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Who we've worked with recently.
Could be you! Below is a selection of recent campaigns developed by us and run by our very satisfied customers and partners on our versatile platform.

What are our unique selling points? Key considerations that make us the de facto choice for your advertising campaign.

The strength of our offering lies in our ability to put your goods and services before the right demographic and we have the geographical spread to do so. Our current locations are show in the map below:

  • ABC Transport Terminal at Amuwo-Odofin.

As a SME built from the ground up to serve the needs of the SME market, we continually strive to provide innovative pricing that encourages businesses in this income bracket to go out there and #beseen. To illustrate our firm understanding of our constituency we have prices that begin from as little as ₦ 2,500.00 only per location per day. We daresay that our prices are the lowest in comparison to any of our competitors. Bar none.

Our price list is available here.

For us, it is not enough that our prices encourage all comers, it is also necessary that our package takes into consideration your campaign requirements and your business objectives. We are one of the only providers that allow you write your own contract length. In other words, you choose how long you want your campaign to run and we do the rest. Our minimum term of 1 day reflects this.

For contracts running beyond 1 week, we make it easy for you to change your campaign images at no extra cost. This gives you the flexibility to respond to customer or operational feedback during your campaign.

As a small business we understand the importance of cash flow to your business. We have demonstrated our understanding and commitment in this regard by ensuring that for all contracts running beyond 1 week, you can pay on a weekly basis. This gives you the headroom to keep your operations afloat whilst drumming up new business.

Pricing Information So what's the damage? Explore our ever so friendly prices below. Each package is priced per location per day.

₦ 2,500


Our favourite offering - it enables you present your goods and services to your target audience in Lagos at the same price as a decent Lagos lunch.

  • Maximum of 2 still images
  • 100 daily exposures of 10 secs each
  • Pick from any one of our locations
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₦ 4,000


This offering allows you a little more exposure at very competitive prices.

  • Maximum of 3 still images
  • 100 daily exposures of 15 secs each
  • Pick from any one of our locations
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₦ 7,000


The package that rules them all with an even mix of improved exposure and number of still images. Improved flexibility to easily engage with clients and prospects alike without losing your message or making compromises.

  • Maximum of 5 still images
  • 100 daily exposures of 30 secs each
  • Pick from any one of our locations
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The above 3 are our most popular packages. Please check here for the full list.

How can we be reached? So you like what you see and would like to take the next steps or have a few more questions.
Please reach out to us on one of our many touch points below.

Contact Details

At IN3K8 Media we are always on hand to address any questions or concerns that you may have about an upcoming advertising campaign. We are only too happy to help by ensuring that you are seen and that your message is heard by your intended audience across Lagos.

Suite D210 Road 1, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC, Lagos.
+234 818 111 1138
+234 703 869 6738 (Operations)

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