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The Weekend Roundup!By Muyiwa Olowogboyega on March 30, 2017

Weekends in Lagos are always lit, especially with lots of events springing up on almost every street corner.
Some of these events are interesting while some others will leave you imagining creative ways to pass time. The Weekend Thermometer is published every Friday just so you don’t burn time at boring events! Don’t just breeze in to read the post, be a good citizen and epp other readers by dropping a comment or by reviewing an event. Your reviews will also be used to help determine what Lagos thinks was hot and what was not. In the end the aim is to make sure everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Here are some tidbits from last weekend’s events…

Cozy Concept Furniture held their grand opening and it was a cozy affair as all guests felt at home. The ambience was serene as we checked out the beautiful furniture on display.

While Opening the showroom, Mr Andrea Geday thanked everyone for coming and also wished us all a nice and eventful day at the showroom (we obviously had so much fun). Speaking to Samir Bader, the Owner and Director of Cozy Concept Furniture, he said the most interesting and unique thing about the brand is the DIY (Do It Yourself) feature introduced into every piece of furniture purchased. You no longer need to hire a roadside mechanic or wait for your husband to come home before you fix your furniture. With every purchase comes a manual on how to fix the pieces together. The package also comes with a tool box which contains all the tools – screwdriver – which will be needed to fix the pieces together, some don’t even need tools. The Ikea experience has just landed in Lagos!

The process of setting up a dining set was demonstrated by the ever so helpful staff to the amazement and applause of guests. Let me also add that Cozy Concept have affordable furniture for every home – they had a six-seater dining on display for a pocket-friendly sum of ₦75,000.

TerraKulture also opened their grand arena and it was all shades of colour, culture and class as guests were thrilled to splendid stage performances showcasing the excellent new facilities.

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The two-day festivities was well attended by theatre enthusiasts, friends and family of Bolanle Austen-Peters. Lovers of the performing arts will be pleased to know that our culture now has an ultramodern purpose-built home with a seating capacity of 300 and all the mod cons. See more pictures below…

Don’t forget to drop a comment if you attended any of these events and also hit the share button.

Join us again on tomorrow for The Weekend Thermometer as we take you through the itinerary of events for the weekend that follow… PEACE

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