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Love in japa: Love Stories from Long Distance Relationship Warriors

It wasn’t that long ago that we were recommending gift ideas for your situationships, and coincidentally (wink wink) Valentine’s Day just passed. So, what’s one key lesson it left us with? Love no sweet without money.  Just kidding, just kidding. But seriously, one thing that does make love challenging is what many Nigerian couples are […]


The Bird App: Nigeria’s Fourth Emergency Service

Twitter has always been different from the other apps in terms of realism, people are constantly spewing raw and unfiltered opinions on there, everyone’s in a constant feud of your words against mine. I never imagined that Nigerian Twitter would be able to unify its voice for one cause and then the COVID pandemic happened. […]


Zikoko’s Jollof Road – A Journey

“We’ll be travelling across West Africa looking for all kinds of interesting stories. – Fu’ad Lawal Editor-in-chief Zikoko!. On the trip of a lifetime, a traveling troika of food enthusiasts and lovers of life from Zikoko! (a Tech Cabal sister brand) complete with an embedded video wiz and their own battle bus will travel across […]