Meet The Team

Meet the team: Fisayo lands in time for Q2 2024!

Q2 2024 is already off to a flying start. Nigeria, after 7 years of waiting, has seen a flag carrier re-commence daily flights into London from Lagos – a happening that has been credited with engineering a significant reduction in airfares on that route. From the Air Peace flight crew wardrobe choices to the almost […]


Meet the team: Joy comes in March!

What a year 2024 has been already – and it’s only March! Our quest which began in the new year for teammates to help lighten our load led us to many gems and continues to strengthen our hopes not just in the quality of Nigeria’s young people but in her future economic prospects. Here’s hoping […]


Meet the Team: Cometh the hour, cometh Ahmad!

We knew we needed to avail ourselves of the bounty of Nigeria’s deep talent pool for a crucial role but had spent some days (some would say too many) mulling it over but it took a well-timed cold email from a certain Ernest at Jobberman to snap us out of our dithering. On that crisp […]