Samad’s Corner

What do girls REALLY talk about?

I recently went out to this nice place on The Island called “Bottles”. Amazing atmosphere and pretty cool cuisine. I was there with colleagues from work for drinks, a gentle Mexican food tour – tortillas, chicken fajitas, margaritas…the usual Tex-Mex fare – and enjoying the cool evening weather. We had ordered our drinks and meal […]


Economic Realities – the joke’s on you

Happy Sunday fam, the past few days have brought on a new economic reality for Nigerians with the announcement of the ₦145 per litre price for fuel. Being the resilient bunch that we are, Nigerians and #NigerianTwitter have resorted to jokes as a helpful coping mechanism. A father’s memo. Credit: Unknown We share with you […]


In good time

As I set out this morning to have a great business day at my place of work, I remember looking at the clouds thinking to myself “it’s going to be another hot day in lagos’’. I walked as briskly as my legs would let me in an attempt to beat the traffic and make it […]