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Fashions Finest Africa 2018 @Balmoral Centre

Premiering early this summer is Fashions Finest Africa – 3 days of fashion policy and business. This summer time fashion extravaganza is brought to you by Yetty Ogunnubi, CEO of YettyD, branding and PR smooth operator as well as fashion enthusiast. It all kicks off with the Epic Show Conference which aims to bring together […]


#ChefDishFoodFestival Highlights

ICYMI The Chef Food Dish Festival was a truly amazing experience. Over two days – 16th and 17th April, 2017, specifically – people from all parts of Lagos and some from possibly further afield converged on the grounds of Samantha’s Bistro & Grill to celebrate and enjoy the pleasant fusion of culinary and visual arts. […]


The Weekend Roundup!

Weekends in Lagos are always lit, especially with lots of events springing up on almost every street corner. Some of these events are interesting while some others will leave you imagining creative ways to pass time. The Weekend Thermometer is published every Friday just so you don’t burn time at boring events! Don’t just breeze in to read the […]