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#ChefDishFoodFestival HighlightsBy Olaide Banjo on May 3, 2017

ICYMI The Chef Food Dish Festival was a truly amazing experience. Over two days – 16th and 17th April, 2017, specifically – people from all parts of Lagos and some from possibly further afield converged on the grounds of Samantha’s Bistro & Grill to celebrate and enjoy the pleasant fusion of culinary and visual arts. The festival was a platform for everyone who enjoyed arts to exhibit their skills, crafts and talents.

Top and upcoming chefs were present at the event to delight food connoisseurs and dabblers alike with a mix of local, international and exotic dishes. Not to be left out, bartenders, cocktail mixers were also around to thrill the taste buds of everyone with an abundance of exciting drinks from all over.

The festival was also enjoyed by painters and those who love arts and engaged themselves in the artworks.
On arriving at Samantha’s, the combination of aromas welcomed everyone, alongside the music being played which created a lively atmosphere.
Quite a number of stalls were available with great offers and prizes to be won.

The ability to network and meet new people was amazing. The presence of some of the well appreciated vendors lit up the environment and everyone was excited to try something new. Beautiful and colorful presentations of dishes and arts contributed to the ambience of the environment. It was an inviting sight to behold. The festival was a good platform to showcase talents and gain exposure for businesses.

It was indeed a wonderful experience and a place to have been over the Easter holiday weekend. We need to have more events like this in Lagos and we look forward to another interesting festival. Thumbs up to Samantha’s Chef Dish for hosting this wonderful event.

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