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Legends The Musical @MUSON

Legends, the Musical is a musical play that centres on the lives and triumph of Africa’s legends This musical production blends the musical creativity of De-Classical Arts’ Ayo Ajayi and the stagecraft and ingenuity of STAR (Seeing Through the Arts) Arts’ Gbenga Yusuf. It tells a story of an earth besieged by an evil force […]


Gbenga Yusuf’s Flower – The Recap

These women had been betrayed, intimidated and demeaned by men. In the end, they joined forces to make a change because there was a need to let the world know what women really stand for – to eschew their collective victimhood. They stood in unity to prove their strength and show that every woman can […]


Amazing August in Nigerian Theatre

August in #NigerianTheatre is a month on bountiful harvest. It features theatre production royalty as well as up and coming discoveries. From thought-provoking subjects like child-trafficking and the political landscape to a peek into the lives of Africa’s most populous city, August’s theatrical fare is anything but meagre. We’ve selected a few of the August […]