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William Benson’s Emotan @ MUSON

After a well received run earlier this year in the heart of the Benin kingdom, Duke of Shomolu’s production of William Benson‘s Emotan at MUSON‘s Agip Recital Hall. The story which revolves around Benson’s deft mixture of oral history and some really creative writing sheds some light on Emotan the proprietress of Benin’s first day […]


Jude Idada’s 3SOME @MUSON

With the advent of the internet and mobile apps like WhatsApp, the issue of emotional infidelity has come to the fore. Sex groups on WhatsApp are proliferating, nude pictures are being exchanged and people are indulging in intimate chats far into the night with others. Jude Idada in this thought-provoking and explosive piece – 3SOME […]


Joseph Edgar’s Oba Esugbayi @MUSON Centre

Oba Esugbayi is a theatre piece that celebrates the collective will of the people towards making Lagos a better place for all in the 19th century. A will, interspersed with love, and collaborative effort in a vision to bring about our independence as a people governed by our cultural ethos. Oba Esugbayi Eleko’s refusal to […]