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5 Tips For Throwing A Memorable Surprise PartyBy Oluchi Egboh on July 3, 2021

A party seems like something easy to pull off, an event that would not require that much effort to set up. A recent party which I played a part in putting together has proved that a lot more effort goes into throwing a memorable party. Event planners should be feted for their skills, as it’s a real talent to orchestrate an event from start to finish without buckling under pressure. I for one had to take several breaks to calm my frayed nerves. Let’s get on to a couple of tips you need to pull off that perfect party.

Know Your Celebrant

The first step is to figure out what kind of party you want to put together. This will help you understand the vibe you want the scenery to give off. This is shown with your decor and food selection. For a surprise party, you probably want to have a food menu that has a few of the celebrant’s favorites.

The decor used should also have some of the celebrant’s favorite colors, if you have a smaller venue it’s better to have a moderate amount of decorations too many could occupy space and make the venue crammed there has to be enough space for a dance floor. Knowing your celebrant’s favorite dishes, colors, and genre of music will increase the climatic experience for him/her when the surprise is unveiled.

There’s nothing more precious than walking into a room filled with your favorite things and people. Another thing to consider is the time when making orders for food, gifts, or decorations. I advise that you do this a few days before the party. That way you have enough time to cross-check any errors in address or the content of your order. A slight mix-up could send your item on a journey of no return literally.

Examine Your Invite List

Secondly, when creating your invite list for a surprise party it’s better to invite people who are friends mutually if not directly, that way the aura of the party is a bit more relaxed and less tense. Inviting someone familiar with just one person in the room might be a bit awkward for them, even though the other guests might be friendly it doesn’t guarantee that they’re going to mix well with the others and you want to ensure that everyone’s having a good time so it’s better to just avoid the whole one person sticking out like a sore thumb situation. You also want to make sure that the number of people on your invite list is equal to the amount of food available, we all know delicious food is the one thing people look forward to at parties and good music of course.

Hit Them With Good Music

One thing about good music is when it hits you feel no pain. Your music selection is one to pay close attention to. It should be something the guests and celebrants are familiar with, knowing the age bracket of the guests and celebrant you are expected to play mainstream music that’s trending in their generation. You could get a DJ or you could just download a good playlist that’ll keep the crowd buzzing.

My League Leader Playlist

Location Location Location!

Now a fundamental part of the party is the location, and a lot of factors come to play when selecting a venue location. The location of your venue can easily discourage your guests from showing up, so you want to select a venue that’s close in proximity to most of your guests. You also want to check what the road is like and the weather but quite frankly these things are simply out of your control, you can never fully predict what the road or weather will be like so just manifest goodwill on the party day.

Get Your Celebrant In The Headspace For The Surprise

With all that said, how do you unveil this surprise party to the celebrant? I think the best way to do this is to take the celebrant somewhere to relax either to a restaurant or a spa, just somewhere that’ll get them in good spirits. I recommend Oriki Spa. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place and the massage therapists have the magic touch. Your celebrant is guaranteed to feel spoiled and pampered after this treatment.

The Reception at Oriki Spa

The Reception at Oriki Spa

The spa is quite close to Gabriel’s restaurant where you can treat your celebrant to a delectable meal after her appointment. They give free ice cream if it’s your birthday, that’s enough. A great plus to the cozy restaurant. Another restaurant where you can spoil your celebrant with fine dining is 788 on the sea, for more information on the restaurant read my review on 788 on the sea.

Impeccable Dining At Gabriel's Restaurant

Impeccable Dining At Gabriel’s Restaurant

Your celebrant is now plucked and pampered and truly ready for the big reveal. It, of course, goes without saying that all guests are sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the details of the party to the celebrant or anyone who isn’t on the planning committee. Loose lips sink ships afterall. Anyone who violates this cardinal rule should get a Laburu special timeout.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to relax and have a good time with your loved ones, your plans may not turn out as expected but that doesn’t ruin the chances of making the party a memorable one. As long as you’re surrounded by people who make you happy it’s surely gonna be a party to remember. Got tips of your own? Tell me in the comments section below.

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