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Fine dining on the coast: 788By Oluchi Egboh on June 18, 2021

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, our lives in the city lost some of its sparkle. Restrictions and lockdowns stole away time we would have spent making memories. But as the vaccine delivery picks up and lockdown eases, we prepare to make up for lost time, get back onto the streets and experience the best Las gidi (a demotic for Lagos) has to offer.

788 on the sea, a gem I’ve discovered recently, brings you exquisite and mouth watering italian cuisines and also continental dishes that will appeal even to the most fussy of eaters. The magical decor can be likened to that seen in the royal castle, a grand piano positioned in the middle of the room to make the setting even more remarkable, rock crystal chandeliers and ceiling to floor windows that perfectly frame the mesmerizing scenery of the Tarkwa Bay shore. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor of Twin Waters leisure centre, lifting you beyond the reach of the hustle and bustle of Lagos streets and canceling out its blaring traffic noise with the perfectly calibrated sounds of classical music. The lockdown truncated the flow of fun and entertainment at the Twin Waters, as each of its five floors hold myriad entertainment opportunities. In my view 788 on the sea is the standout choice in this house of fun.

Chic and stylish table arrangement

Chic and stylish table arrangement

The restaurant’s opulent decor promises dining fit for kings and queens topped with unmatched views of the Atlantic Ocean, turning the moment into a beach house day dream. Conscious of a virus still running rampant, the restaurant takes important precautions for maintaining social distance. Walk-ins are discouraged so you’ll need to make reservations for date night. There is also a strict ‘NO MASK NO ENTRY’ policy. As with most highbrow locations guests should also note that the restaurant enforces a dress code and reserves the right to turn down inappropriately dressed customers.

Luxurious Decor at 788

Luxurious Decor at 788

On entry one immediately feels as though one is on a mini-vacation, ushered in by waiters dressed in crisp uniforms. The customer service at the restaurant is quite pleasing, the waiters are polite and the food freshly prepared. For a restaurant with such superb ratings, one would expect the prices for the fairly inclusive menu to be equally stratospheric. Their reasonable pricing is indeed reassuring, a meal for two with drinks can be snagged for about ₦25,000.

788 on the sea possesses as one of its main attractions, other than delicious gourmet dishes of course, breathtaking views. I walked away from my meal at the restaurant feeling as though I’d been served a buffet at the beach – the best of both worlds in one spot. I cannot recommend it highly enough as a destination for that first date or even to catch-up with friends. If you have had the pleasure of this restaurant please let me know in the comments section below how you found it.

Breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean at sunset

A breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean at sunset
Photo Credit: Adedeji Michael

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