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Twilight Theatre goes to Taruwa at 9.By Admin on August 31, 2016

Birthdays are special occasions and are an opportunity to take stock and reflect on good times, bad times but also make plans for the future. Yesterday was a special birthday celebration for TheGbagyiChild‘s Taruwa franchise which has been bringing unmitigated fun to young Lagosians and helping discover artistic talent for 9 whole years. The atmosphere as usual was electric and buzz was intense, as the man of the hour – Adekunle Gold – was expected to grace the occasion.

The were crowd-pleasing performances from a number of talented individuals and the customary beauty pageant where Omoye Uzamamere was crowned Miss Taruwa 2016 (succeeding to OAP Adenike Oyetunde) was good humoured and really entertaining.

As usual the delightful Tosin Adeyemi and Austine Onuoha – both cast members on the upcoming Man Talk Woman Talk were production were out and about engaging with the really friendly crowd. It was an all round fun Lagos night and one to remember. We took a number of pictures and will be uploading them through the day so keep checking back.

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