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Economic Realities – the joke’s on youBy Samad Abdulsalam on May 21, 2016

Happy Sunday fam, the past few days have brought on a new economic reality for Nigerians with the announcement of the ₦145 per litre price for fuel. Being the resilient bunch that we are, Nigerians and #NigerianTwitter have resorted to jokes as a helpful coping mechanism.

The economic memo
A father’s memo. Credit: Unknown

We share with you some jokes and reactions of Nigerians to the increased pump price of fuel in the country. And funny as the jokes may be, there are some very real tears from citizens of this great country. In this dire times we are facing in Nigeria, we all have in one way or another had to change some things about our lives or routine in the name of trying to manage our resources. Goodbye to luxury and welcome to ONLY necessities.

What are the things you’ve had to do to adjust to this new reality? Have you curtailed your movement to save fuel in your car? Do you now eat fewer meals so you can have enough to fuel your home generator? Have you given up on far flung relationships in favour of a local one?

Tell us in the comment section below.

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