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The Colour Code: What Your Brand Colour is Saying About Your Business [Infographic]

Color selection is one of the key elements of building a strong brand. How a brand is perceived relies heavily on it’s colours because the colour is the first thing a customer notices about your logo. Different colors evoke different emotional responses in mind of the the beholder. Yellow makes us feel sunny, cheerful, warm; […]


What’s Life Without Friends?

UPDATE: This offer is now closed. Family and friendships are among the most important relationships in life. This is why we offer you 70% off ALL our advertising rates when you join our growing family by liking/following us on Facebook or Twitter. You also get 30% off ALL our advertising rates for 2 of your […]


Media Specification and Rate Card

Supported Formats  Image Show/Poster Allows advertisers to put up electronic posters of products, events or corporate messages. This is the most basic format supported by our platform and requires the least effort, as previous digital assets can be quickly adapted to our platform specifications. Aspect ratio: 16:9. Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels. Supported File Types: […]