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Advertise Your Hustle!By Muyiwa Olowogboyega on March 23, 2017

If you’re a sharp Nigerian, you already know that sometimes a 9-5 doesn’t quite pay all the bills. Many times, a sharp guy needs a side hustle.

If you’re determined and you work hard enough at it, then the side hustle just might eventually become the main hustle.

Regardless of your drive, the space between starting a side hustle and making it successful is usually not for the faint hearted. The odds are stacked against anyone who starts a small or medium scale enterprise.

Advertise Your Hustle

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The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics reckons that about 75% of Nigerian startups die just a few years after they begin. Remember Yep, they’ve packed up too.

One of the most obvious issues for SME’s is advertising and the cost of reaching new customers. There’s only so much that word of mouth can do, so how do you reach the most number of people?

Many SME’s don’t even think about conventional advertising because it is simply too expensive! This is why IN3K8 media stands out; by realizing the need for small businesses to advertise and creating inexpensive solutions, we exist simply to advertise your hustle.

Our month long drive will help you understand just how our solutions can help you expand your reach.

Tailored specifically for SME’s, our digital out of home solutions are the perfect fit for affordable advertising. So, regardless of your side hustle, why not trust us to help you advertise it?

Our flexible bundles ensure that your product or service will be seen at 12 locations in location at prices which won’t hurt your pocket!

So, here it is guys, advertising your hustle isn’t as pricey as you think. If you have questions or campaigns you’d love to run, we’re always here!

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