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The Value Of Free Resources In BusinessBy Muyiwa Olowogboyega on March 13, 2017

Small and medium enterprises face a number of challenges. Many of these challenges are exacerbated by the harsh business climate in Nigeria as well as the rising cost of advertising.

Businesses that truly thrive in this climate are those that have a considerable amount of investment backing as opposed to the way things were before the economic downturn. Exchange rates have also made driven up the cost of raw materials.

Free Resources For SMEs

Without access to a large pool of potential clients to target, small businesses will have a hard time turning a profit. If many of the resources required to improve business are beyond the reach of business owners, then we must think outside the box.

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Free Resources are important tools to help and encourage entrepreneurs to improve their businesses hence bolstering the economy. One of such tools is Canva,the design solution which helps business owners with free designs and templates.

Coursera ensures that at no cost, business owners can important skills and even take certificate courses online when they complete modules.

Medium also takes away the cost of starting a website, helping people to outline articles and linking it to their social media platforms.

Learning how to code has become infinitely easier, thanks to platforms like Code4Startup, Codecamy and co.

Essentially, while many of these resources might not be the easiest to find, you must take advantage of them when you find them! In our next blog post, we will tell you about some free resources which are specific to Nigeria.

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