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Meet the team: Fisayo lands in time for Q2 2024!By Admin on April 3, 2024

Q2 2024 is already off to a flying start. Nigeria, after 7 years of waiting, has seen a flag carrier re-commence daily flights into London from Lagos – a happening that has been credited with engineering a significant reduction in airfares on that route. From the Air Peace flight crew wardrobe choices to the almost 7 years in delays the airline spent battling aviation principalities with international dimensions the news has generated its own share of gbas gbos (read, drama) to boot.

Stepping into Q2 like
Striding into Q2 like Air Peace

Closer to home we have carefully guided our lofty Q1 search for a Communications and Engagement Specialist to a safe landing in Lagos, no less, with our latest teammate joining in the past couple of days.

Meet Fisayo Owamoboye
Meet Fisayo Owamoboye

Star boy Fisayo Owamoboye joins us from a respectable Lagos advertising agency. Our recent tradition of introducing our new joiners to you, dear reader, is in rude health and continues unabated. We hand you over to Fisayo for a speedy in-flight Q&A!

You’re stuck on a desert island without internet access for the next 30 days. What songs make your top 5?

Gosh there’s so many songs to choose from but umm
Back on 74 – Jungle (Amazing Amazing song)
Egwu – Chike & Mohbad (I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song)
Blood in the Wine – AURORA (My music taste is so funny because today I’m listening to Asake tomorrow I’m listening to Aurora)
Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner (A very good song to jam to)
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (Because why not?)

What 2 Nigerian podcasts will you bring on that trip?

I must confess that I don’t really listen to podcasts but from what I’ve heard definitely ISWIS and Tea with Tay
Tea with Tay
Temisan of Tea with Tay Podcast

What are you reading now?

A quaint little book called “Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands” by Heather Fawcette. It’s about folklore(pixies, brownies and all that) and it reminds me of these short story books by Enid Blyton I used to read in primary school.

Emily Wilde's Map of the otherlands

Most impactful quote from your favourite movie/tv series?

“Tomorrow we make our apologies, tonight we make our move.”   It’s from one of my favourite reality shows ever, Survivor.

You find yourself in a Narnia-like wardrobe featuring clothes from all Nollywood movies of the past 5 years. What two outfits will you be trying on first?

Nothing comes to mind. Sorry to Nollywood lmao.

Favourite sports/sports team?

Used to support Manchester United but they’ve broken my heart too many times in the past.

Manchester United's Erik Ten Hag
Manchester United’s Erik Ten Hag channeling Fisayo’s thoughts towards his football club. Photo Credit: /Daily Star.

Money is no object: which African city will you visit next on holiday?

Zanzibar definitelyyyy.

Settle this squabble for Lagosians and others who want to know: Islander v Mainlander?

You cannot trick me. I’m not gonna answer this lmao. Besides, there’s money everywhere in this Lagos.

Which African celeb would you buy a drink, where would you take them and what would you talk about?

Lupita Nyong’o definitely. We would go to Nike Art Gallery and just talk about life mehn.
Lupita Nyong'o
The ever radiant Lupita Nyong’o. Photo Credit: /The Talks.

What’s your go-to fast food joint and what do you order there?

The Place, Ikeja’s Belleful rice. I’m a simple man.

The Belleful Rice Selection From The Place
A gorgeous looking Belleful Rice selection from The Place. Photo Credit: /@theplacefoodng.

Would you rather eat semo pudding or bite into a samosa filled with boiled egg? Why?

Let me starve please.

And so it ends. As with every flight this short one has arrived at its destination o. Follow us to keep an eye on Threads and Instagram for Fisayo’s thoughts, jpegs and videos.

So…some of the inflight entertainment may have had you involuntarily nodding your head and shimmying in your seat, or you may have been somewhat less agreeable with the food or indeed fashion choices. Well, that is what the comments section below was designed for. Let it rip!

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