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Shattered: TheNakedConvos #breakthesilence Twitter Chat Part 1By Admin on October 11, 2015

October 10, 2015 marked the start of something special. Buoyed by the indomitable industry of TheNakedConvos – one of Nigeria’s foremost communities where frank conversations around adulthood, relationships and sexuality can be had – we began the march to #breakthesilence on sexual violence and rape.

This was a collaboration unwittingly seeded by the original decision to write the Shattered story by Bode Asiyanbi and PAW Studios foresight to take things further by bringing the story to life on stage again in 2015. TheNakedConvos (TNC hereafter) took the inspired decision of working with us here at IN3K8 Media to focus the attention of its community on this most distressing of subject matters and the result is the first in a series of twitter chats which bring together members of the Shattered cast as well as the general public.

The details of that first twitter conversation which included cast member Ijeoma Aniebo(@declectic) can be found below and was constructed around this story first published on TNC last year. Enjoy the story and the twitter conversation around it but please #breakthesilence and get involved. Contribute using the hashtags: #Shattered and #breakthesilence.

Follow the second installment (17/10/2015) here.

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