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Green Gourmet Is LIVE!By Admin on June 15, 2020

It’s been a challenging few weeks with the COVID-19 lockdown and attendant losses and illness. We’re not quite out of the woods but life is making a gradual return to normalcy and with it some signs of life in the economy. We’ve taken this recovery to heart and in a bid to help it along with our host partners at Green Gourmet have inked a deal that gives our customers one more location to engage the public with their message!

Starting last week we have added the Green Gourmet on De Go Awolowo Road outlet to our growing list of locations and are open for small business. We’re not relenting on our pledge to be the voice of the SME in the advertising universe and will be here to help you disturb Lagos and Lagosians. Check out our bundle pricing for some competitive advertising rates. We will be offering exciting post-COVID-19 discounts!

Chat to you soon!

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