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Hail Nigeria: We your children salute you!By Admin on October 1, 2018

It is with solemn duty that we awake this morning, children eager to re-commit ourselves to do you our mother Nigeria proud.
The past year has been one where we didn’t pull together enough as a commune to live up to your ideals. In this your 58th year we re-dedicate our hands, our intellect and our unbroken spirits to ensuring the labours of our heroes past regain its pride of place.

Happy 58th Independence Anniversary

As a company devoted to ensuring your name remains aloft, we once again set our sights on the lofty goal of ensuring that all your children, especially the ones running small businesses and seeking to do you proud, #BeSeen. With all our heart and might we pledge to work day and night to ensure you remain the Pride of Africa.

Hail Nigeria, we your children salute you!

Happy 58th Independence Anniversary!!!

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