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The Colour Code: What Your Brand Colour is Saying About Your Business [Infographic]By Stephanie Dozie on May 6, 2014

Color selection is one of the key elements of building a strong brand. How a brand is perceived relies heavily on it’s colours because the colour is the first thing a customer notices about your logo.

Different colors evoke different emotional responses in mind of the the beholder. Yellow makes us feel sunny, cheerful, warm; Black is more powerful and luxurious; Blue is cool and understanding; Purple makes us feel royal and Pink? Well, more girly and soft. Your brand colors say a lot about your business and it is vital to ask yourself, “What emotion do I want my logo to encourage when people see it?” before you pick out the color of your logo. You want your logo to communicate a certain message to potential customers, therefore it’s wise to pick your colours more strategically and systematically and less randomly.

colour code

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In selecting your colours, here’s some things to consider:

1. What color represents your main competitor(s) brand? (And choose the opposite colour. You want to stand out)

2. What color represents the personality of your brand?

3. What colours suit the idiosyncrasies of your products/services?

Tip: Incorporate your colours across the board – in your logo, website, product packages, etc for optimum effect

Check out the infographic below to find out what your business colors are saying to your existing and potential customers


1. by Dmitry Fadeyev

2. by Kate Taylor



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